As this course has gone on, and as I’ve been listening to all the recordings, sometimes several times, and faithfully doing all the practices (I now start every day with going to the lake), I have been looking forward to telling you how absolutely wonderful this material is, how delightful your energy is. I am 63 years old, have been doing inner walks with Spirit, and healing practices, ever since I was a teenager have gone down a lot of paths. I had never heard of you, I love surprises, and that’s sure what I got. What I have experienced with you is utterly new and wonderful. With all the different sessions I’ve had with people, and with my own journeys, I have never felt the way I feel when I now go beneath the sand, and certainly, when I am in, and come out of, the lake. It feels transformative, and I am in awe. I especially love this coming back to the body, bringing the soul back in for “embodiment”, especially at this time when there is so much talk about “ascension” and “going up”.

June 27, 2018