Gratitude Ken, for facilitating our session last evening. It was, in a word, magnificent. Your open heart is a gift to all those whose lives you touch. So much synchronicity with your guidance and what has been coming to me intuitively over the past while … the practices I have been doing on my own of breathing and moving through my root chakra. I watched as my body knew just what to do. Sooo amazing to experience it together. I love how we areall connected and were at such a deep level last evening. Your feedback was always so tuned in to where I was at in the experience which my mind enjoyed 🙂 It’s interesting … almost as soon as you mentioned abundance, I seemed to disappear for that entire piece. It didn’t feel like I fell asleep and then woke up. It was like you spoke the word abundance and the next thing I heard was your reference at the end to remember the softness of the rain and the overflowing vessels and I couldn’t figure out what you were talking about. It was as if your first words merged into your last … I trust it was just perfect for me … simply interesting. Perhaps it was so that I would listen to the replay to experience it all again! I look forward to doing so….

June 27, 2018