What Is Spiritual Healing?

What Is Spiritual Healing?

Hi, my name is Ken Stone. I’m a spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer.

I’m going to answer the question ‘What is Spiritual Healing?’ through a series of videos — and then I’m going to share with you an experience of spiritual healing so you can not only understand, but also experience what I’ll be sharing with you.

My goal for our time together is to answer this question, and to the extent you’re interested in pursuing a deeper exploration, support you in uncovering answers, and most importantly, having experiences of what you’re about to learn about spiritual healing.

Knowledge alone is powerful, but knowledge in combination with an experience of what’s being learned creates a profound shift in perspective. This is how sustainable transformation takes place. I’ve seen this over and over again with my students and clients, who come from virtually every spiritual and religious background and perspective, from nearly every continent on our beautiful planet.

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How Did I Become A Spiritual Healer?

You might imagine I have spent my life studying and exploring spirituality, studying at the foot of a spiritual master or guru . . .

but that’s not the path I have walked in this lifetime.

What is Spiritual Healing with Ken Stone

I didn’t learn about my spiritual gifts until the fall of 2007, when I was at a meditation retreat and a fellow participant wrote on a piece of paper ‘you should be working as a healer’ (we were in silence at the time).

I started sobbing uncontrollably even though I didn’t know what the word ‘healer’ meant. When we came out of silence, the man who wrote those words said to me: “you’ll discover you’ve done this in many prior lifetimes, and it is more natural than breathing for you.” I sobbed again, even as I wondered what the heck he was talking about.

I was making my living as a mortgage lender at the time. Although I was very interested in spirituality, my focus was on how I could make my life be the way I wanted it to be. I was unhappy, unfulfilled, and constantly seeking the secret salve which could fix all that wasn’t right in my inner and outer life. I didn’t want to make my living in spirituality, and I had no interest in being a healer, or learning how to become a healer.

Yet a complete stranger had just proclaimed I was, and I was having an emotional response to his words that didn’t make any rational sense. I felt a sense of relief and recognition, even as I felt completely overwhelmed and confused.

What is Spiritual Healing with Ken Stone

Between 2008 and 2010 I focused on exploring these gifts, trying to figure out if they were real. I would go into session with someone who was experiencing a physical or emotional challenge, perhaps in a great deal of pain. Eventually my hands and feet would start buzzing, the pain would begin to subside, and other more difficult to explain or understand things would take place. Some might think of them as miracles. Through this process, I witnessed first-hand, the origin of spiritual healing, and how we can engage and explore this extraordinary inner space where we first experience the Divine.

I’ve made my full-time living since 2011 teaching a structure I continue to receive, I call spiritual mastery, which opens these kinds of experiences for others to encounter directly. One way to think of spiritual mastery is as a structure for understanding and experiencing spiritual healing or self-healing.

Spiritual mastery and the experience of these gifts are God’s expression through and as me, the result of the Divine Presence which originates in each of us.

Answering the Question: What is Spiritual Healing?

I’ll be exploring the answer to the question ‘What is Spiritual Healing’ with you through a series of videos.

In the first video*, you’ll learn a high-level overview answer to the question ‘What is Spiritual Healing?’ In the second video you’ll learn the difference between the conventional understanding of healing, and how spiritual healing is different. In the third video, you’ll learn how spiritual healing takes place. You’ll also have an opportunity to experience a spiritual healing session by downloading a free recording of a transmission I facilitated for a group, so you can have a direct experience of what I’m teaching you through this video series.

Click this link to watch the first video which begins answering the question: 'What is Spiritual Healing?'.

*I understand that video isn’t the preferred or most effective learning method for everyone. As soon as my new book, which explores the bedrock upon which the foundation of spiritual mastery is built is published, I will include a link here. If you’d like to be notified of the book’s release, please add your name and email address below.

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